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They sound cohesive and well-rehearsed. With his best equipment and backing band The Innocent Criminals, he sat down to record his 9th studio LP.

Its spontaneity is a good thing, just a soulful guitar jam. Maybe that is what Harper was trying to prove. The album features Ben Harper, the blues-folk-soul-etc.

The songs are about family, childhood, history and memory. Still, this might be forgivable if the sound had some originality to it. Still, Harper sounds hardly inspired even in a city like Paris, and his homage to past artists sounds like cheap imitation more than anything.

The truth is, this is by no means sentimental mush that privileges easy ways of thinking. They set down a groove and stay there, letting Harper have center stage most, if not all of the time.

The city of her childhood now only lives in her dreams. There were no computers or pro-tools used anywhere in the process.

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The Will to Live