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From manuscripts and published texts to visual arts and new media, research in the humanities is simultaneously traditional and groundbreaking. Central questions of the class revolve around issues of medium-specificity ie.

Advance Payment means the payment made by the Customer to Digi upon registration in relation to the settlement of the following Monthly Charges for the following month s subject to these Terms and Conditions specified herein.

In this course, we will explore its usefulness to historians and learn how to employ it in our own work. The basic information in the information file cards combines with digital photo and video material.

From time to time, charges, fees, taxes or other payments incurred within a billing cycle may be delayed and reflected in a subsequent bill statement. In the making of DigiRatu, cooperative Digital Robot Finland the team behind DigiRatu have also developed a digital site for instructors in construction, an extensive learning test system and many other development components.

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History Berry : A broad survey of death and dying in United States history from to the present with an emphasis on student research and involvement with digital projects devoted to public health and mortality in the American past.

It has transformed environmental science, cartography, epidemiology, city planning, and many other fields. Although students will learn basic techniques for creating digital historical maps using ArcGIS, seminar-style discussions will focus on how the practice of spatial history opens up opportunities for new research questions and collaborative research practices.

Digi System means the telecommunications system utilised by Digi in providing the Service. Mobile Telephone means the wireless telephone equipment which includes a combination of the transmitter and receiver together with accessories for the use of the Service. The class looks at the intersections between spatial theory, embodiment and narrative as they relate to creating rich user experiences.

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