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Shelves: classics, shakespeare It all ended so fast.

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For times and tickets, please go to Tickets. They were beautiful, and this is said by someone who is not used to read poetry. Like with Shakespeare's works, this show has an appeal that spans multiple generations. When preparing to do Hamlet, Johnny is vehemently against the idea, urging the audience for support. The actors truly know their lines backwards and forwards, and they move seamlessly and naturally in a production where timing is everything. It started in January. You surely remember earlier in the year when I said I had put a challenge for myself. The tragedies worked better for me than the comedies, with the exception of Romeo and Juliet, which I did not despise but didn't love either. I finally read them all! The plots, populated with the most famous and unforgettable characters, many of whom we feel we know as real people, address almost every situation that may confront a human being of any culture, and for each of those situations there are profound observations from the characters. One day I went to the library and checked out a book that contained 4 of Shakespeare's best plays. It continues with a cooking satire of Titus Andronicus, and then proceeds to spoof Othello. It is an incredibly impressive performance. It was from these that the First Folio would have been compiled.

Johnny, reading from Google, becomes disappointed when Brian tells him that Shakespeare married a different Anne Hathaway. Photo by Joshua McKerrow. About the historical plays, I can say they were harder to read because the tone was more serious and they were not meant to entertain, but they were worth reading all the same.

A Scottish interpretation of Macbeth, and a football themed compilation spoof mostly of Shakespeare's history based plays are also included. Sally Boyett directs this play brilliantly.

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It was from these that the First Folio would have been compiled. Using the outdoor courtyard of Reynolds Tavern as their stage, with costumes and often silly props, they take the audience from Romeo and Juliet all the way through Hamlet, doing the less well-known plays as well as the famous ones.

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It started in January.

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Review)