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Think of the executive summary as an advance organizer for the reader. Tailor it to your audience.

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ISO was first published in , updated in , and again in and But it also has to entice the reader to read the rest of the business plan. However, how you choose to meet ISO's requirements, and to what extent, will depend on and be influenced by many factors. QMP 7 — Relationship Management For sustained success, organizations manage their relationships with interested parties, such as suppliers. No more! Use ISO if you need to be able to prove that you can meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. This is why the executive summary is often called the most important part of the business plan. Future goals — describe your goals for the business. Tailor it to your audience. When you look at the major building blocks of an ISO management system, you begin to see the system for what it really is; a set of interconnected good business practices that focus organizational resources toward meeting customer requirements and expectations. Continue Reading.

Because it is an overview of the entire plan, it is common to write the executive summary last and writing it last can make it much easier. In a few sentences describe what your company does and your core values and business philosophy.

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A QualitEvolution About This Blog A QualitEvolution is intended to capture positions and experiences as a participant in the evolution of the Quality profession into the 21st century.

This current version was published in September of and is the fifth edition of the ISO standard. It cancels and replaces all previous editions.

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You need to be able to demonstrate that your organization can enhance customer satisfaction because it is consistently capable of continually improving both its products and services and its practices and processes.

This section adds a new requirement for completing some form of risk management based on the strategic planning activities established under section 4 Context of the Organization.

If it's poorly written, it will also be the last thing they read, as they set the rest of your business plan aside unread. Quality Management System.

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Future goals — describe your goals for the business. Does it generate interest or excitement in the reader? QMP 3 — Engagement of People It is essential for the organization that all people are competent, empowered and engaged in delivering value. The scope of the subject matter within A QualitEvolution extends to the furthest ranges of quality, business transformation, management science, and quality issues especially pertinent to the members of ASQ in Canada. Polish your executive summary. If the purpose of your business plan is to get a small business loan , focus on highlighting what traditional lenders want to see, such as management's experience in the industry and the fact that you have both collateral and strategies in place to minimize the lender's risk. Implementation plan - outline the schedule for taking your business from the planning stage to opening your doors. Financial Summary — if the purpose of updating the business plan is to seek additional financing for expansion, then give a brief financial summary. Every requirement is both generic and mandatory and may only be excluded if it cannot be applied. No more!

Business model - describe your products or services and and what will make them appealing to the target market. Add to that, an internal continuous improvement orientation that utilizes goals, objectives, and metrics to measure, monitor, and improve key organizational processes and systems.

It is often surprising to me that so many companies we work with have not already implemented many of these fundamental practices, even without ISO or other similar management system certifications. According to ISOany organization can achieve these important objectives if it establishes a quality management system QMS and if it continually tries to improve the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of this system.

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Executive Summary of the Business Plan