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A bill is a legislative proposal that must be passed by House, Senate, and the President in order to become a law. It has been this way since the US Constitution created our national government over years ago.

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The spending is called "pork" and the tactic, "pork barreling. According to House. Or it may decide the bill is worthwhile and hold hearings to listen to facts and opinions presented by experts and other interested persons. If agreement is reached, a conference report is prepared describing the committee members' recommendations for changes. The president, a member of the cabinet or the head of a federal agency can also propose legislation, although a member of Congress must introduce it. Before the discussion of how a bill becomes a law arises, one must understand what a bill is. Bills can only be introduced by members of Congress. In the Senate first, First, the bill is again introduced but now by a senator who must be recognized by the presiding officer and announce the introduction of the bill. Cite How a Bill Becomes a Law When a senator or a representative introduces a bill, he or she sends it to the clerk of his house, who gives it a number and title.

This process can take months or even years to even come close to finishing, sometimes the bill at the end isn 't entirely what it originally was.

Although the process is long and difficult, the founders intentionally set it up that way. A process in which only a few people were responsible for making laws certainly would be more efficient.

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Only Representatives can introduce bills in the U. More Cool Stuff.

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The subject of my bill can have only one subject, which is fine because I only wish to see my fuel saving cars on dealer lots. The Representative talks with other Representatives about the bill in hopes of getting their support for it. When all changes have been made, the bill is ready to be voted on. So what is public policy? Senate, it goes through many of the same steps it went through in the U. House of Representatives. At this point, the Speaker of the House sends the bill to a committee. Step Overriding a Veto If the president vetoes a bill, Congress may attempt to "override the veto. The third reading is by title only, and the bill is put to a vote, which may be by voice or roll call, depending on the circumstances and parliamentary rules. Bills may be presented to either House, but must pass, like many things in the Constitution, there are complications and loopholes. After the bill is introduced it is sent to committee

Bush right? Some bills will never make it through any of these processes but for those who really want their bill to pass, if they fight for it they just might get lucky. Ideas for laws come from many places — ordinary citizens, the president, offices of the executive branch, state legislatures and governors, congressional staff, and of course the members of Congress themselves.

Ideas for laws come in many ways.

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How a Bill Becomes Law Essay