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For example, an emotional appeal could be used in a political rally to persuade people to vote for the candidate, especially if the vote will happen in the next few days.

Within the subtext, the combination of pathos and logos attacks the ethical dilemma of his life- of slavery, education, and identity, creating a piece masterfully interwoven with logos, pathos and ethos.

Seduction: using charm, praise, and flattery to manipulate others. In the middle of chapter two Douglass talks about how the slaves were not given beds.

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Throughout the years, the guiding question was to determine whether or not slavery should be abolished. Guilt tripping encourages self-doubt and submissive behavior. An emotional appeal uses the manipulation of the emotions rather than valid logic to win an argument.

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She wrote during the same time as Frederick Douglass, although she was hesitant to publish her story.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: Logically