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However, he makes no effort to support the historicity of this claim, and later denied that he intended the Discourse to refer to an actual former state of affairs. All laws must ensure liberty and equality: beyond that, they may vary depending on local circumstances. We undermine our very rationality and morality by violating the contract that made us rational and moral.

Laws deal only with the people collectively, and cannot deal with any particulars. These thinkers had many different thoughts and views on people and the way they act, and views on the government.

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In this sense, civil freedom is superior to physical freedom, since people are not even slaves to their impulses. This action alone, he states, builds in man a root to his own humanity. These obstacles are hidden within births, deaths, illnesses, monetary based issues, education, relationships, weather, governments, war, etc. Another civil liberty we will gain, according to Rousseau, is the right of real property, the fourth benefit. To analyze The Social Contract we must examine how Rousseau addresses the four problems of political philosophy order, freedom, justice, and history Similarly, the sovereign owes nothing to its subjects, but will nonetheless work to ensure their well-being. In civil society, we learn the freedom of self-control. In giving up our freedom we give up our morality and our humanity. His system, he might claim, only seems unattractive to us because we have totally lost the community spirit that makes people want to be together. By putting ourselves under the guidance and direction of the general will, we give ourselves over to our innate humanity. Bibliography: Bertram, C. The purpose of The Social Contract was to establish how people could enter into civil societies without sacrificing their individual freedom. Rousseau recommends the establishment of a tribunate to mediate between government and sovereign and government and people. Thus, we do not only have to thank society for the mutual protection and peace it affords us; we also owe our rationality and morality to civil society.

It should be clear that Rousseau intends a sharp contrast between nature and civil society. However, he gives no criterion for how one might determine whether the results of a certain popular vote represent the general will or the will of all.

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Man enters an artificial society, thus hoping to be able to produce more through cooperation Knutsen, Rousseau recommends the establishment of a tribunate to mediate between government and sovereign and government and people.

The Social Contract published in and is a philosophical document that expresses the ideas of popular sovereignty. His philosophy had a great impact that influenced the French Revolution and develop the modern, political, sociological, and educational thought.

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Rationality and morality distinguish us from animals, according to Rousseau, so it is only by becoming a part of civil society that we become human. This last step determines the heavily communitarian perspective that Rousseau adopts. In doing so, he does not give up his property since he is also a subject of the sovereign. The fourth benefit of the Social Contract is the right of real property through force or right of first occupancy. What he implies with this premise is that if solitary men were continually facing the obstacles alone, the human race would eventually perish. Man is only free by obedience; he must become dependent on law in order to be independent MacAdam, The community spirit that united them did not intrude upon their individuality; rather, it gave individuality an outlet for its fullest expression.
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