External examiner thesis report

External examiner thesis report

Colleges will be asked to cover anything above this amount. Not approved for the award or a lower research degree as immediate option and option after resubmission Definition: The thesis as presented and defended is not deemed to be of MPhil standard actually or potentially. Once confirmation that all conditions have been met is received, the student will be informed by Academic Services of the formal outcome of the examination. A separate report detailing the taught modules undertaken for the degree and the outcomes achieved should be attached to the Report and Result Forms. Evaluative comments should be as full as possible and should include an indication of strengths as well as weaknesses, limitations and lacunae. In this scenario, the Chair of the Examining Board will inform the student that the requirement for a second oral examination has been waived. Conduct of the Examination The external examiner should complete Section 1. Decision suspended pending re-examination following resubmission as MPhil within 12 months. Normally it is expected that the external examination will be completed within six weeks of receiving the thesis. Any oral examination in the University may be observed by an independent person without express prior permission for the presence of the observer being sought from all parties involved in the oral examination. All examiners must be external to the University and must not be directly connected with the candidate or the candidate's research.

Nomination of Examiners Approaching external examiners One month before the thesis is to be submitted, the Chief Supervisor in consultation with other supervisors, should nominate the external examiners. The University expects that oral examinations will be held on a face-to-face basis at Swansea University, with all concerned present in the same room, at the same time.

The College is expected to ensure a room and sufficient hospitality is in place for this pre-examiners meeting. For doctoral degrees, at least one examiner will normally be external to New Zealand. Thesis correction letter 1. Timeline for examination Once approved by the Postgraduate Research Committee the external examiners are sent the thesis by the School of Graduate Research.

Academic Misconduct An Examiner, who, either in the course of the examining process or subsequently, considers that a candidate has engaged in academic misconduct, shall immediately report the circumstances in writing to the Chair of the Examining Board concerned.

A candidate may be allowed a single opportunity to re-submit the work. The Examination Advisor is not expected to provide a full transcript of discussions. Plagiarism In cases where plagiarism is suspected, the examiner must return the thesis and report the suspected plagiarism, citing sources of the original material that was allegedly plagiarized.

If any other individuals are present, the Chair should confirm that the student and, if appropriate, the examiners have no objections to the presence of those individuals.

Each examiner makes an independent report on the candidate's work.

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The University will not cover expenses not incurred directly by the external examiner for example a meal for any other individual.

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How an External Examiner Evaluates Your MS Thesis