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Activity 2 Eyewitness Memory Activity This activity introduces students to the challenge of accurate eyewitness testimony and the misinformation effect. Four of these questions dealt with details that were different in the two versions of the video, so subjects had the chance to influence one another.

She confidently pointed to him as the man who raped her.

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The cyclist joins the chase down a busy road, through a neighborhood, and into alleyways, catching up to and confronting the thief a couple of times. These attacks went on in a variety of places for over three weeks and resulted in the deaths of ten people. The goal of this day is to give an overview of how memory works. Misleading information is often given unintentionally and can be as subtle as slight variations in the wording of a question. Witnesses are good at separating their experience of the original event and any information presented after the event. She suggests that memory is not reliable and goes to great lengths to provide support for her arguments. Although a limitation of these studies is that subject selection may be biased because they involved participants who chose to enroll in survival school, their findings converge with data from laboratory-based studies of eyewitness testimony under highly stressful situations 41 , 42 and the misinformation effect 4. According to www. This distinction between the perception and reality of memory has important consequences in the context of the courtroom. The first was done on 45 participants who were split into groups of varying sizes and they were shown seven films.

Police officers, as well as the general public, focused almost exclusively on white vans because they believed the eyewitnesses.

To begin, a wood cutter who remains nameless is in the forest when he comes across a lady's hat, a gentlemen's hat, a piece of rope, an amulet case with red lining and finally a dead body in the thicket. She chose two, one of which was of Ronald Cotton.

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Memory is malleable. Suggestibility describes the effects of misinformation from external sources that leads to the creation of false memories.

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The Neuroscience of Memory: Implications for the Courtroom