How to write a letter from santa for free

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Go to bed early so you can get up early. It was my little Rudolph! I know that you have studied hard, listened to your parents and helped them through the year.

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How time flies! Ho Ho Ho! A time of happiness, Christmas tree decorating, gingerbread baking, and searching for gifts under the tree.

How to write a letter from santa for free

You have plenty coming your way, free of charge. I was just about to leave, when I suddenly caught sight of you through your workplace window. Dear his name, I suppose that, upon seeing my stamp affixed to this envelope, you must have wondered why someone like me would remember you. I bet you have already found that out for yourself. I think that you deserve a reward this Christmas, but you also need to take some time for yourself. Free Printable Letter From and to Santa Print this free letter from Santa to remind any child to be good because Santa is coming … soon! I used the magic flying formula as soon as we left the woods, and a few seconds later we lifted high into the air, leaving the snow-covered tree tops far below us. You boil water for your own tea; you even slice your bread for sandwiches. Up here, the snow has been falling for months. Tweet Imagine their surprise when they receive a letter from Santa! Are you studying? A few more would be good. Now, would you believe it is so cold here at the North Pole that Mrs.

Sometimes we visit nearby villages, if the weather is nice, and tell each other funny stories on our way there. In the evenings, we drink coconut water talk deep into the night about our favourite sleigh rides.

Did you know that some years ago, the elves created a special diary, the Diary of Good Deeds?

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Now, though on the whole you have behaved well, there are just a few things we need to discuss. Dear his name It has been a while since I last saw you, and now you are a year older! Especially in the kitchen department. Dear her name, I imagine you are quite surprised to see this letter from me. Dear her name, Every year I think about the previous winter, and I have to admit that my reindeer Rudolph was right when he said that people can change their ways in just 12 months. You see, practice makes perfect, and I know that this year our journey will be perfect. I hope that after reading my letter you will finally find some time for yourself. I have heard that you are doing your best to be a good boy.

The Elves are putting the finishing touches on the presents and tomorrow they will start wrapping them. Good job!

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