Keeping them attentive for a whole

Then encourage them to work them out, debate and come up with more ideas.

attentive date definition

Students also pay more attention if they know where they are heading in and why. You simplify instructions, clarify the learning objectives and justify how your selected learning procedures and tools relate to their achievement and progress.

Taking a short break to bounce on an exercise ball and outdoor playtimes will be helpful. Communication Education, 61 3 Curiosity is like a fire. After all the first step towards learning is paying attention. Give them clues to increase their expectations. Hear them out. This will boost up their confidence.

Suspense is not meant to render your teaching mysterious, full of doubts, complexity and tough challenges for students. These are questions that prompt them to think, rethink their knowledge and understanding, search and create new ideas.

But, valuing is more than this. But, students need to be attentive to achieve all of these learning tasks.

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