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Examine the role of education in economic development

There still remains a wide perception of conflict between realising rights on one hand and economic concerns on the other — with fundamental freedom and human rights often viewed as being in tension with development, growth and the optimal allocation of resources to the masses. Kosovo Human Development Report At present, it can be seen that immigration keeps the youth away from their land, their social life, family, environment and friends. One of the most seminal works written on this topic is that of Gary S. It is conventionally measured as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product GDP In a famous paper published by Harvard University, Aghion P. The biggest problem facing Kosovo in economic terms is the huge disproportion between export and import, given the fact that exports growth is vital for the economy of developing countries and the natural and human potential available in Kosovo, which could be mobilized for the economic and export growth. Secondly, although Gary tries to disrepute the competitive explanations for the cause of economic growth by using diminishing marginal returns concept, he does not notice that the same concept in fact shoots his own explanation in the foot. This paper is examining the role economic development as measured through levels GDP low, medium, high plays in the level of gender empowerment in a country. Apart from art and heritage culture includes tradition and religious, way of life, human rights and values. First and foremost was the elevation of the oil mining status to the largest oil reserves or mining countries of the world.

Kosovo Internet penetration based on users is Commercial banks have played a critical role in the economic development of a country. Even though the list presented below could be expanded to include many other issues, we will identify the following constrains to state capability in Kosovo.

investment in education and economic growth

We cannot get rid of economic if we want to talk about development. Entrepreneurship is the process of managing, organizing and developing a business venture in a competitive environment that is dynamic Kuratko pp3. Finance is simply defined by investopedia.

When we think of local economic development, planners come to our mind. For many years, urban planners plan and work with others like engineers to develop our economy.

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