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It will examine the body and mind as contested sites; spaces occupied by those considered different; the establishment of normality versus deviance; the changing conceptions of difference over time; relationships between unusual people and the wider society.

Europe was the goal of only a few. In Lewis Carroll published Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandcombining social satire with nonsense writing and presenting the two of them in the guise of a children's story.

Instead, the wartime allies decided, without asking the Koreans, that the peninsula should become a divided protectorate prior to the holding of 'free, democratic elections'.

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The module will permit three alternative pathways, in excavation, survey or museum studies. Well-educated European and North American middle-classes read more than ever before. Anarchists and bohemians were the prophets of a new social order, freed from the control of the traditional, wealthy elite.

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Social and cultural issues will also be raised, such as the new roles of women and men in an emerging Christian world and the concepts of pain, sacrifice, authority, virginity and asceticism will be examined. John McCrae was born.

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Peoples described as Celts sacked Rome in the early fourth century BC; they probably ravaged Delphi towards the mid third century BC; and from the later second century BC they were in conflict with the expanding Roman Empire, ultimately becoming the majority of its subjects in the West. A poll of writers and critics, stories that shaped the world, will be announced in May and discussed live on stage at the Hay Festival This was the era of the proto-historic Celts: farmers, crafts people and warriors. He had learned to read and write by studying this text as a young man, and thanks to his teacher, the philosopher Aristotle, he had done so with unusual intensity. Follow BBC Culture. A number of elements from Arabian mythology and Persian mythology are now common in modern fantasy , such as genies , bahamuts , magic carpets , magic lamps, etc. Well-educated European and North American middle-classes read more than ever before. In short, this module offers a survey of the complex, long and historically consequential relation between India and the British Empire. For the first time, stories that had only been told orally made it into writing and were assembled in story collections such as the One Thousand and One Nights. This was the start of the great Korean tragedy.

This was the start of the great Korean tragedy.

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History of modern literature