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Beta Level The probability of making an error when comparing groups and stating that differences between the groups are the result of the chance variations when in reality the differences are the result of the experimental manipulation or intervention.

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Bias Influences that distort the results of a research study. Researchers often try to find out what causes changes in the dependent variable. Multilevel models are also referred to as hierarchical models, nested data models, mixed models, or random-effects models.

Dummy Variables Categorical variables that are assigned a value of 0 or 1 for use in a statistical analyses see Dummy Coding.

Moving Average A form of average which has been adjusted or "smoothed" to allow for seasonal or cyclical components of a time series. It can be used to indicate the proportion of data within certain ranges of scale values when the distribution conforms closely to the normal curve.

Intercept In regression analysis, the predicted value of Y dependent variable when all X variables independent variables are zero 0. Treatment -- the stimulus given to a dependent variable.

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