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His principal Akarsh Khurana is a hilarious character who likes to believe that he is running everything,but actually has no clue of what he is doing. There is tension in the air as the Principal and other Professors look expectantly in the direction of the Maths Professor, who coolly says that it is the wrong answer and that the correct answer is 27 apricots.

One day he met a Lederer and asked him about his business.

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So the principal and teachers decided not to refund the tuition fees. They all agreed to this proposal.

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How, according to the History Master, thirty years can be thirty meters? All of them are puzzled. The mathematics teacher then says that his calculation was actually a question in the test. After an interval of eighteen years, Wasserkopf come back to his school to get back his tuition fees. A distraught man returns to his old school, Moon Educational Trust that is situated atop a mountain, where it is said that no student ever fails. Posted by. But actual warfare took place only for less than twelve hours in a day. How does Wasserkopf get the idea of refund? All agree to this suggestion. They decided to keep a re-examination for Wasserkopf and agreed that whatever answers he gives weather it is right or wrong they will prove him right. Therefore Wasserkopf passed the Physical Culture subject with the highest marks.

The master says that we have decided to give you your tuition fees back and now can you tell as the exact amount which we have to give you. So whatever his answers, the teacher must prove that his answers are correct.

Now he is proved excellent in the entire subject and they throw him out without allowing him to say anything further. He says that he did not get good education and that was why he failed in life. So a year is represented as a meter and seven years are seven meters.

Then his old classmate Lederer advised him to go to school and get back his tuition fees. But he faces his teachers with defiant bravado.

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