Save endangered species essay

Pandas are also characterized by very low birth rate, which means that their numbers will continue to decrease with time. The fact that some of us find nature beautiful, by itself, won't do Nature is beautiful, and that aesthetic value is a reason to keep it, just as we preserve artistic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa or Angkor Wat.

With the killing of Cecil the lion in July, animal rights activists have been fighting for an end to big-game hunting.

how to protect endangered animals

Wolves belong to the same family as our friend, the domestic dog. Some estimates count fewer than 2, red-crowned parrots in their native habitat, while escapees from the pet trade have settled farther north, where much larger populations are thriving in an unexploited ecological niche.

why should we protect endangered species

Rewilding can involve anything from replanting native flowers near a cleaned-up river to restoring extinct camels to North Americalast seen on this continent 12, years ago.

Recycle your cell phones, because a mineral used in electronic production is mined in gorilla habitat. These are just a few of the many extinct species.

This is good news for people living on the lowlands.

measures to protect endangered species

There are many things we can do to help endangered animals, here are a few suggestions. But in his view, the tradeoffs are worth it. You can do your part by not giving these companies your business, and cast your vote with your dollar. As well as individual species dying out, there have been five mass extinctions that obliterated swathes of species.

The most recent one, 65 million years ago, took out the dinosaurs.

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Why should we save endangered animals?