The business tips described in the book kiss bow or shake hands

As international law and cross-border transactions impact all major industry sectors, attorneys now are required to interact with and provide service to business professionals worldwide with varying local customs and business practices.

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In predominantly Islamic cultures, including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Indonesia, there are laws against depicting a man and a woman alone together in an ad — regulations that also apply to trade show exhibits.

So you may want to provide guests with refreshments including alcohol and staff your space with more people than usual because those guests are likely to take part in longer conversations.

In Saudi Arabia, you would never use the flag in any advertisement or promotional item because the Arabic inscription on it is the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, which includes Allah's name. What should women be more aware of when doing business overseas or interacting with foreign prospects? You would have greater success by breaking your project down into manageable sections. Take just one cultural characteristic: the long- or short-term orientations toward time. It is also a helpful resource for law libraries for use by students and faculty and for a range of legal professionals looking to expand their leadership and communication skills. Polychronic cultures consider time more malleable. My point is this: Ignorance is no excuse. If the senior person is not available to do that, at least make sure that others you supervise in your company defer questions and decisions to you. They also appreciate a means of downloading your technical data immediately.

I have a personal example. Terri Morrison: Just saying you're going to exhibit in Asia could mean any of 48 countries.

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For a Japanese audience, then, you would demonstrate omoiyari in your booth having all literature, signage, and presentations available in Japanese.

This allows them to avoid spending time making small talk. With the world becoming more connected, we do have access to far more people and ideas, and we do have many common threads.

People arrive on time, like to save time, and do one thing at a time until a task is complete.

EM: Whether cultures are transactional- or relationship-based, what's the best way to build trust with client from other countries? A proper introduction by your CEO to the highest-level individual in the target company is helpful. I recently saw a booth with images of adorable dogs all over its exterior — though the product itself wasn't canine related. Mediterranean, Latin American, African and Arabic cultures are primarily polychronic. Individual chapters cover cultural differences in more than forty countries, including tips on how close to stand, whether you should kiss, bow, or shake hands, and other important cultural information that will give attorneys and those in the legal field the skills to develop business on a global scale. TM: Do what makes them comfortable. In Mexico, Brazil, China, and Japan, you construct the foundation of a business by building the relationship first. EM: Globalization makes it seem that cultures are homogenizing. Standing 6 to 8 inches away from an attendee can be normal in Brazil or the Middle East — except in the Middle East both parties would need to be of the same gender for this to be acceptable. Take just one cultural characteristic: the long- or short-term orientations toward time. TM: There are very few truly egalitarian countries, so inequality exists across many levels around the world. A booth staffer's excited description of a new product might be considered too hyped and exaggerated to Germans and Australians, while speaking in a controlled monotone could communicate a lack of interest to Italians and Brazilians. EM: How might those characteristics affect business negotiations? Russians may target that person, plying him or her with compliments and favors, all while gaining more data.

Kiss, Bow, Shake Hands: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels is a must purchase for anyone involved in law, including the legal assistants, law clerks, and executive assistants who support attorneys in their jobs and who may interact with clients via phone, email, or in person.

EM: Whether cultures are transactional- or relationship-based, what's the best way to build trust with client from other countries? Design Other What is the first letter of the city where you were born?

Toman Joshua M. Is it essential they research each individual country and culture, or are there regional tips that suffice as a crash course?

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Book Review: Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels (ABA Publishing, )