The internets effect on marketing communication

This system offers companies a simple, low-cost, fast and technologically sophisticated tool for advertising products and services, promoting and marketing. The Interactive strategy is an essential key to get more successful marketing effort on the Internet.

impact of internet marketing on consumer buying behaviour pdf

The goal of this tool is creating services to those who have membership to receive new information directly and automatically. The advent of E-business, E-commerce and E-marketing has created a new world of opportunities for peoples and businesses.

Although, Internet causes convenient to choose, buy and pay, but still there are some barriers to use Internet and to use a web site to select and purchase products.

Role of internet in integrated marketing communication

For example, twenty-four-hour order taking and customer service response capability and regulatory and customer-handling expertise to ship internationally. Besides the developing of technology, communications principles also have changed and this communication revolution has affected the marketing world. By using this system in a planning process, group members all are able to participate with agency staffs. However, by using the Internet, marketing mix dimensions will be facilitated and have positive changes. Many studies indicate that hard- selling and advertiser-push promotion strategies do not work well on the Internet. The primary reason for all these changes has been the dramatic and explosive evolution of technology and the matching opening of global markets. Free advertising on other sites can be exchanged for mutual links. Many companies try to achieve best and advanced communication channels to improve their strategies to be ahead in their hierarchy. Marketing through Internet has different processes from traditional marketing tools. Also other regulations sometimes will reduce the reputation of Internet as a free marketplace. Most people are familiar with the Teletext pages which these days are accessible on analogue television in many countries such as the UK until around

To survive in this challenging environment organizations attempt to update their information systems which can help them to be more efficient and correspond with external environment. E-commerce implies business transactions over the internet where the parties involve are either selling or buying.

Impact of internet on marketing

For example, one of the first to function over the Internet is Microsoft's NetMeeting. All of these will affect your approach to marketing. Changing and developing the communication channel Fibre-optic networks and digital compression make it possible to everybody to have a personalized television channels in near future. However, by using the Internet, marketing mix dimensions will be facilitated and have positive changes. You need to find out where your audience hangs out on the Internet. Every successful business tries to be ahead in its hierarchy. Next benefit is that using the Internet increase the effectiveness of advertising. Standards have been established to make the process easier and more secure.

If your market is saturated, pursue innovative approaches to stand out from your competition, such as a thought-provoking video. Moncrief and David W.

Besides, commerce on the net has another issue which about Credit cards usage in worldwide.

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The Internet’s Impact on Your Marketing