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On a word test with Enhanced Dictation, two were inaccurate. Earbuds that have a mic on the cord will do. The app is free, though you can subscribe to a premium plan to support the developer. It's a feature inside Google Docs, rather than a standalone app.

Image Credit: Google Other speech to text apps to consider There are an increasing number of apps available across all mobile devices for working with speech to text, not least because Google's speech recognition technology is available for use.

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You can optionally allow Windows to scan your typed documents to get a better sense of your linguistic choices. Now almost all documents are typed electronically. By default, Apple Dictation requires the internet to work and has a time limit of about 30 seconds for each smattering of speech. For short messages on mobile devices, it works fine. It offers password protection as well, plus backup and encryption options. Turn it on from the Tools menu, and a microphone appears on your document. Users receive a free trial for 15 minutes of transcription. When you're done, a new screen appears with your text. Say what's on your mind, then sort through the data later. Download: ListNote Free 7. If you have trouble seeing the small type, have a lack of finger dexterity or just think better out loud, you might benefit from a tool that allows you to convert spoken words to written words. This lets you set a time for the reminder, along with the type of alert you want to receive. It turns list-making into an afterthought. Continue Reading.

When you finish dictation, you can copy and paste your work, export to a. Notes are saved as plain txt files.

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Not only does it aim to translate different languages you hear into text for your own language, it also works to translate images such as photos you might take of signs in a foreign country and get a translation for them. It also has grammar correction and on-screen editing with suggestions for corrections. The apps contain training modules that coach you on how to use it for dictating, editing, and whatever else you want to do with your voice. It's a feature inside Google Docs, rather than a standalone app. Overall, the interface is easy to use, and if you get stuck at all, you can access a series of help tutorials. Its speed is both its strength and its weakness, as it scored the lowest in accuracy of all our apps likely because it forces the speaker to rush through the text. But once you get the rhythm, you can process lengthy emails and other documents with a high degree of accuracy in one of 30 different languages or dialects. Dictation apps have a variety of use cases. It takes time to adjust to voice recognition software, but it gets easier the more you practice. Find our 'Speechkeys' app on the Play Store. It lets you multitask, and some people find it helps them generate ideas rather than get stuck on revising and editing. It's ideal for writing speeches and spoken remarks. It's a good option if you need a free app that you can use quickly and easily, and if you don't mind making a few corrections when finished. For more advanced uses, you'll get the best results by investing in a higher quality mic. The app will automatically save your notes so you can refer to them later.

The app is free but ad-supported, with no option to remove the ads. This application is completely free, so the developers were forced to add several advertising banners that are placed at the bottom of the screen.

There's one interface for dictation shown above and a separate one for voice commands, like opening programs and scrolling pages. Voice Assistant uses intelligent speech recognition so it learns with every use.

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Incorporates Google's speech recognition service. There's no time limit, though you may need to reload the page if a pesky ad appears over the controls for switching the microphone between listening and stop mode.

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