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We call this the vipassana romance. At these times, we can use skillful means to bring attention to the first foundation of mindfulness: the body. N: Non-identification. Sensual desire So the force of desire can cloud our minds, bringing distortion and delusion in its wake. This will help bring the mind back into the present, and produce calm and inner balance.

Ajahn Brahmavamso states: "Restlessness [uddhacca] refers to a mind which is like a monkey, always swinging on to the next branch, never able to stay long with anything.

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The Buddha's advice includes paying attention to what thoughts you are chasing as you get drowsy, and direct your mind elsewhere. Ultimately, the hindrances are states you are creating for yourself, but until you perceive this personally they will be a problem.

Maybe I should try Sufi dancing. Then, if it is ill will towards the meditation object often the reason why a meditator cannot find peace Metta embraces the meditation object with care and delight.

The more we are cut off from our true nature, the more we suffer, and the less likely it is that others will listen to us.

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Buddhist Practice and the Five Hindrances