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We benchmark against a peer group that reflects the unique nature of our organization and aim to provide an appealing, flexible and market-appropriate total compensation package.

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It is no longer enough to build great products, package them up and put them out there for people to use. Firefox Reality is available in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores. Each is governed by a separate board of directors. Mozilla Corporation To lead, we need to evolve. In , this has driven a focus on continuing the evolution of the Firefox browsers while we explore new products, technology and business models to better serve our users and advance our agenda for a healthier internet. Through our leadership program, Mozilla finds, supports and connects a new wave of leaders through our fellowships, awards and open leaders training. As the internet grows more and more centralized, Mozilla is working to establish interoperability as a key piece of competition online , engaging with policymakers in the United States and the European Union. Over the coming years, we will become the leading provider of user agency and online privacy by developing long-term trusted relationships with "conscious choosers" with a focus on helping people navigate their connected lives. This approach serves to reinforce our mission-first orientation. For the Mozilla Foundation, the core goal of the compensation philosophy is to attract, motivate and retain top talent while ensuring total pay is competitive and reasonable in relation to our nonprofit status. Over the course of and , Mozilla also ran campaigns around the need for more creative, internet-friendly copyright in the European Union and on the continued importance of protecting net neutrality in the United States. A full list of funding partners is outlined in our Form Performance and compensation policies are reviewed and approved annually by a Compensation Committee comprised of independent members of our Board of Directors.

Additionally, the Foundation convenes leaders around the globe at events like the Mozilla Festival, which gathers 2, like-minded internet health advocates annually. Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Foundation non-profit programs are carried out by 80 employees and thousands of volunteers around the world.

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Our campaign challenging Amazon on its data protection policies for the Echo Dot Kids led the online retail giant to clarify its policies. Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation: Maintaining Sustainability This annual report includes links to the detailed audited financial statements for Mozilla.

Mozilla and Facebook: A Case Study Recently when the world became aware of widespread data misuse by one of the most far-reaching companies to ever exist, we leveraged our experience to develop a software solution for users while also using our unique role as an advocacy group to lead campaigns to demand better data privacy and security.

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Many are educators, journalists, scientists, activists or policy makers. FBI case, campaign videos simplified complex online security issues for the public and the media.

world business report download firefox
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